We are a team of IT enthusiasts solving cyber security challenges for global brands. Our software solutions help to protect customers from around the world. Although we are not directly visible, we meet you online every day! The work with passion, joy, and interest are all about delivering the best.

Our team's management consists of computer enthusiasts who want to build a strong company culture, ensure our employees are happy, and deliver the highest quality work possible to our clients. We take pride in valueing people and results over numbers in a spreadsheet. We conduct business differently, with empathy and understanding, and we are proud of it!


New brand was born! While still formally under ICT & MEDIA company, our new cyber security projects from development, through analysis to data processing now belong to

Security 2

After proving ourselves in a few long-term security projects, we received the opportunity to develop very interesting and complex security products on our own.

Security for online traffic

Due to our excellent knowledge of the internet, we started to participate in security research and data processing projects for security products which protect customers online.

ICT & MEDIA, s.r.o. = infrastrucure & web

ICT and WEB related orders shaped our daily business. We decided to found a new company, reflecting these two spheres in its name.

The first employee

As the business started to slowly evolve from a part-time job to a regular one, more requests coming from customers required a greater headcount.

The Big Bang

The beginning of everything: our first customers, first business, the excitement ...